I turned my thirst for creativity and curiosity for solving complex problems into a career. 

After graduating from Tyler School of Art, my design career led me to work with clients ranging from small businesses and start-ups to large corporations in the pharmaceutical, HR, entertainment (Comcast), and financial (Vanguard, Barclaycard & Capital One) industries. While focusing on front-end development I became heavily involved in creating A/B MVT tests which sparked my passion for usability testing and research. My experience in both traditional design and front-end development roles has allowed me to move organically into experience/interaction design and take a holistic approach to human-centered design and UX research.

When not behind a computer screen I can be found taking long walks on the beach … and by beach, I mean chasing my two young children around a sandbox. My husband is a High School Physics teacher who coaches all three seasons of running and is an avid runner himself.


Because the majority of my work is focused on internal work for large corporations, if you'd like to review my portfolio please reach out. I'd love to walk you through it.